Tumbling Sessions
in the Grand Forks area
Summer Classes are in session!

Grace Academy is excited to offer tumbling and cheer classes for ages 1 to 18yrs!

Interested? Shoot us an email for more details or click the "register today" button for easy sign up! No prior experience necessary!

Winter/Spring Session: January 8th-May 11th

Beginner Tumble

This class is designed to focus on the basics of tumbling like forward rolls, hand stands, cartwheels, round offs, and prep for back bend kick overs, and front limbers. 

4yrs+: Mondays 4-4:50pm 

5yrs+ Tuesdays 4-4:50pm 

3-4yrs Saturdays 11-11:45am 

Beginner to Intermediate Tumble

This class is designed for those who have mastered their basics, and are working on all things bend kick overs, and front limbers.

5yrs+ Thursdays 4-4:50pm 

5yrs+ Saturdays 1-1:50pm

Intermediate/Advance Tumble

As you advance, our intermediate class focuses on all things walkovers, hand springs, tucks, layouts, ariels, and more! Must be 6yrs+

Mondays 4-4:50pm

Tuesdays 4-4:50pm

Thursdays 6-6:50pm

Saturdays 1-1:50pm

Intro to Tumble

These classes are designed to focus on the basics of all things tumble like forward rolls, hand stands, flexibility, and strength. 

3yrs and under: Fridays 10-10:45am

3-4yrs: Saturdays- 11-11:45am

NEW! Dance Classes

Come dance with us! Train under instructors with 20yrs+ experience in all styles of dance, performance, and professional training!

Preschool Combo Class (3-5yrs): jazz/tap/ballet

Fridays 1-2pm



Saturdays: 11-11:55am

Jazz Combo/Tech

Saturdays: 1-1:50pm

Lyrical/Contemporary Combo/Tech

Saturdays 2-2:55pm

Hiphop/Break Dance 17yrs and under

Saturdays: 3-3:55pm

Adult Hiphop and Pump

Saturdays 7:15pm-8:15pm

Dance/Acro Tumble

Looking to learn and incorporate acrobatic tumbling into your dancer? These classes are for you! This class is specifically designed for dancers who want to focus on all things tumbling, acrobatics, flexibility training, balance, jumps, and more!

Ages 5yrs+

Tuesdays: 5-5:50pm

Saturdays 12-12:50pm


Cheer Classes

These classes are designed for athletes that want to learn about all things cheer and performance! Our recreational cheer class  focuses on tumbling, stunts, jumps. While our intro to all star cheer adds performance opportunities and is a great step and prep for our all star cheerleading! 

Recreational Cheer (4yrs+)

Wednesdays 4-4:50pm

Intro to Performance and Allstar Cheer 5yrs+

Tuesdays 5:45-6:45pm 

Flyer Flex and Strength Training

Saturdays 12-12:50pm

Private Training

1 on 1 or small group training available! Please email us at [email protected].

Open Play, Open Gym, Movie Nights, and MORE!

Open Play Options

Drop in for some fun with your toddlers to burn off morning energy! $5

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Movie Nights

Join us every 1st Friday of the month for some popcorn, snacks, games, and a movie! $15 

Open Gym 5+ 

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Birthday Parties

NEW! Contact us today to have your birthday party with us!